Proxy Validation API
Intended for validation of "proxy server links" used in Telegram messenger.


Shared access token
Use it in "token" field of ProxyValidationRequest.

Usage policy. Privacy policy. Service limitations

  • Only SOCKS5 and MTPROTO (MTProxy) proxies are supported
  • Shared token access limited for batch up to 5 links
  • Maximum response delay - up to 60 seconds
  • Maximum request quota - 1 per second per IP
  • Requests, anonymized by Tor will be discarded
  • Requests from addresses, assigned to Russian Federation's and Iran Government Services will be discarded
  • Fair use: you must validate links to proxy servers, which you:
    • own/maintain/host
    • obtain from public sources
  • Service could collect, store, and publish back such kind of data:
    • IP address
    • Link, passed for validation